Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hello, everyone!
Did I ever tell you the story of our DIY hall chest?
I don't think I did.

You all have seen it before, but I thought I take a minute and show you how it got to be what it is today.
My husband built this dresser for our bedroom sooo many years ago, about 20, to be exact.
It was a Thomasville copycat. We loved their style, but we sure could not afford it back in those days.
 I don't even have a good picture to show you.
Blogging in those days was not even a thought. :)

 So, when we bought our new bedroom furniture, we were left with this dresser that did not fit 
or go anywhere else in the house.

You all know that I already had a vision for this piece of furniture, but my husband was very much ready to donate it.
It took a couple of weeks of " no, we can't, yes, we can" until I convinced him to give it a try 
and see if we could make a entrance chest out of it. 

So, the dresser went in the garage and after a whole weekend of work (everything you can imagine went wrong)
and many looks of "I told you so", we ended up with this.

At this point, we were stuck.
We knew we wanted doors with some kind of metal scroll on them, but that was not so easy to find, 
until one day while shopping at Kirklands, we found two sets of metal candle holders in the clearance area 
just like the ones we have in the bathroom.

They were missing the glass and they were on sale for eight dollars a set. 
We looked at each other and knew right away this would work. 
You just have to use your imagination a little. :)
After another whole day, we were finally able to put the doors together. 
For the center, we left the original doors.

And that is how this hall chest was made out of a very old and dated dresser.
It cost us under $20 to make it, since we already had the extra wood and stain, 
and three days of hard work and lots of complaining. LOL

 You won't believe me when I told you we came across a very similar chest not long ago for over $700.
I am so glad I was hard headed and did not let him give it away. He is glad too, he just won't admitted. :)

Thank you all for stopping by.
I have a full day ahead of me. We are touring college campuses getting our son ready for his move 
into the four year University to finish his degree. 
Wish us luck!

See you all soon.


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